Some things that keep me motivated

Look, this isn’t always easy.

There are times when the appeal of a cold beer is pretty strong.  Sometimes it’s because I’m angry.  Sometimes it’s because I’m bored.  Sometimes it’s because the sun is shining and its 70° F.  Sometimes, it’s because it’s Tuesday…

When the urge strikes, I find that it’s good to remind myself why I got sober.  I find that it’s good to look back on some older posts reminding myself of just where I was.  And sometimes, that’s enough to set the mind on the right path.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself of all the good things that have happened as a result of getting sober.

  1. Freedom from Shame.
  2. Learning to accept things as they are, some of the time.
  3. Reconnecting with people who I care about.

And sometimes, I need to remind myself that there are some really good valid reasons to keep at it.

  1. My health is improving – In fact, it’s improved dramatically, my cholesterol and blood pressure are both down and my triglycerides dropped significantly (cut in half).
  2. I feel better most days.
  3. I’ve lost weight (not as much as I’d like, see item 10).
  4. I sleep soundly. Every. Single. Night.
  5. I no longer have a pain in my side (right where my liver is, btw).
  6. I no longer have IBS symptoms on a daily basis.
  7. I have more money to do things that I want to do –  I’m not spending it on booze.
  8. I’m much more present with my son. (And he notices it!)
  9. I can actually have a conversation with my wife without it turning into an argument (though that still happens too.)
  10. I can go to Safeway to buy ice cream at 9:00 PM  (because I’m not drunk as a skunk.)

I’m in a much better place than I was a day or two ago.  I won’t lie and say that everything is peachy, but it sure ain’t as bad as I felt yesterday morning.


6 responses to “Some things that keep me motivated”

  1. ICE CREAM!! I love ice cream!!
    (Wisconsin cows are the best, by the way!)

    I am so glad I don’t have shame and better relationships, too, especially with my hubs!
    I am also glad I can drive without worry!!
    And I lost weight, too!

    I am very glad you had a better day!

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  2. Stay strong buddy, people relapse not because of some massive urge, but because of a subtle perception change. One beer will be all right etc. it’s great you listed the pros, I needed reminding of most of them. I guarantee if you try a beer, sooner or later you be in hell again trying to stop. ‘Grass is greener syndrome’. Keep at it buddy. Someone said in a meeting the other day, ‘only the first 10 years are hard!’ Ha

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  3. Excellent list. Those good things will only continue to compound and grow. New ones you can’t think of right now will appear. Patience and time (and work, there is that too) are all we need. Sobriety is the gift that keeps giving.

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