WTF, the AC is on the fritz…

It’s 90°F and the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.My wife is headed out if town and I will have my eight year old son in my own this weekend. It’s going to be hot tomorrow too.

Of course, the AC would go on the fritz today. Murphy’s Law.

It would be easy to let it get to me and to loose my shit about it. In the past I would have bitched up a storm, maybe thrown my phone across the room, and definitely drank over it — because that was how I dealt with everything, whether it was good or bad.

But not today.  See, I know that it’s out of my control and so I’m choosing to roll with it. I’ve learned that I can’t control events, things, or other people — but I can control myself.

And if I choose to keep my side of the street clean, everyone around me is much happier. And that makes me happier.

So, I called the HVAC guys we use. Predictably it may not be today. Maybe tomorrow. John needs to look at the schedule and call me back.


That’s okay. We will survive.

It will be cool at night and it’s not supposed to be as hot tomorrow as today. And even cooler on Sunday and Monday. I know this because I was able to stay calm and look at the forecast.

So, I’m celebrating this as a little victory. The fact that I am not losing my shit and am calmly writing this post is a win.

I guess this is what they call growth, and I’m actually quite proud of myself.

10 responses to “WTF, the AC is on the fritz…”

  1. You could go fishing!
    It’s cool by the lake!
    Have fun with your little buddy!
    PS -I lost control of my emotions this week for the first time in a long time, and I did not like it, as it did not help anything.

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    • I made it. Still working on getting the AC fixed. Good news is that it’s under warranty. Bad news is it’s been a hassle getting things lined up because the company that installed is going out of business – but I can see the finish line.


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