“This is why I stopped drinking,” I said, “I was missing times like this.”

My son had been making paper airplanes of various designs — multiple different shapes, decorations, cut outs, stapled on parts, and weights of paper ranging from printing paper to card-stock — since shortly after Hearon had shown up for dinner. Of course, every different plane was presented to our guest for inspection and approval before its inaugural flight. I can’t do justice to my son’s enthusiasm for these planes and the fact that he had a new friend to show them to. Let me just say that there was a great deal of laughter and many smiles between the three of us.

This was, indeed, one of the reasons I’d stopped drinking — I was, indeed, missing out on moments like this 8 months ago. I missed out on the because they never had a chance to happen.

The evening was completely spontaneous. In fact, this particular evening wasn’t supposed to happen.

Let me back up a bit. Earlier in the day, my son and I had been invited to go out on Hearon’s boat with another mutual friend from  Twitter, Mark. It was a gorgeous day and we’d had a great time out on the water. My son had taken a shine to Hearon instantly, but I think that deal was sealed when Hearon opened up the throttle on the boat and Mr. Grey enjoyed perching himself on the bow, embracing the wind in his face and whipping through his hair.IMG_2533

The original plan for the day was for us to all go out on the boat and then for Hearon and I to go to a recovery house for dinner. I was supposed to drop the little man off at home before Hearon and I left for dinner.

But our plan had to be put on hold when there was an emergency at the recovery house and our host asked if we could reschedule. Of course, we could. When we got the news, the first thing that went through my mind was that I wanted to invite Hearon over for dinner.

Somehow, I had the presence of mind to call my wife and ask if that would be okay before actually doing it — that’s progress there folks, real progress.

After conferring with my wife, I invited a friend who I know mostly from Twitter over for dinner at our house on a random Tuesday night. I was thankful that it didn’t take any convincing and Hearon accepted the invitation. Truthfully because one of my underlying issues is a fear of rejection and abandonment I expect him to graciously decline.

We had a wonderful time.  I really enjoyed watching my son try to impress our guest. I was reminded of myself when I was young and my Dad would have work colleagues over to the house for dinner. I always wanted to be part of that action. It was cool to be with my Dad’s friends. I saw that happening in my own son’s life last night.

This is what recovery looks like folks.  And recovery looks pretty damn good.

6 thoughts on “A spontaneous evening

  1. Damn good. Damn good.
    Loved to hear more about the evenning I missed. That was a really special day for me too. Just the part I was able to catch. You guys owe me a DC rendezvous…BBQ at my place with a meeting or something…Let’s make more days like that one!

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