2016-10-27 Gratitude and Experience

I’m starting a new series, based on the guidance from this article on Inc. I also must give credit where credit is due, my good friend HD started this recently, and his post today, was the kick in the ass that I needed to get started.


  1. I’m grateful to be alive today. Every day sober is a gift.
  2. I’m grateful that I have a good job that gives me flexibility as well as a good pay check.
  3. I’m grateful to be making positive changes in my life.

Positive Experience

Yesterday afternoon, as I was laying down to go to take a much needed afternoon nap, Mrs. TKD texted me asking if I could pickup Mr. Grey from school. Of course, I could and I did, but I would have rather taken a nap. When we got home, I gave Mr. Grey about an hour to blow off steam and then we got to getting his homework done. It want better than expected and we finished by about 4:45. He then went out on his bike and played with his friend up the street.

Mrs. TKD had a few things on her agenda last night, and so Mr. Grey and I had a boys night. While it wasn’t anything grand, we had a great night together. I took him to Chick-Fil-A as requested and he got to hang with some other kids as well as get a chainsaw made of balloons. Interesting choice, but it made him happy. Earlier this week, as a consequence he was forbidden to watch TV or play with electronics. I was a bit worried about what we’d do when we got home, but I found a stack of his books on my bed and we laid on the bed and took turns reading 20 pages at a time to each other. It was wonderful.

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