Gratitude and Experience, 28 October 2016


  1. Today I’m grateful that I seem to have turned the corner on my head cold and I’m feeling better.
  2. I’m grateful that I made it to a meeting last night after a 2 week hiatus.  It was good to be back in the rooms and to feel the warmth of the fellowship.
  3. I’m grateful that the sun is shining and the temperatures are cool.  I particularly love autumn weather.

Positive Experience

Yesterday morning, on the way to school Mr. Grey asked, “Dad, have you ever considered moving to where my cousins live?”

“I don’t know buddy, perhaps.  Do you think we should move there?” I asked.


“Live in the same house as them?”


“Don’t you think that would be a few to many people in one house?”

“Well, maybe, but we could live in a house near them.”

It makes me smile that the little man loves his cousins so much.  It’s also a pleasure to take him to school in the mornings.  Some days there is a little conversation like this one and others it’s a quiet ride — it doesn’t matter which one I get on any given day, I just enjoy having a few minutes with him in the morning.

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