So, This is What “Comfort in Your Own Skin” Looks Like

If you get 2000 sales people in a single room and mix in cocktails, football, and music, then the noise level in the room is bound to become significant. To be fair, this is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to be a social event. But to a person like me it quickly becomes unbearable. In the past, these events were the perfect excuse to get good and numb.

Cocktail parties are a professional hazard in my line of work. They are somewhat unavoidable. As a sober person who is also an introvert, they are incredibly draining. Not only are there too many people, not only are most of them drinking to excess, but the noise level is just plain overwhelming. I am someone who quickly goes into sensory overload in situations like these. Continue reading

It’s Okay to Question…and Even to Challenge

dogma |ˈdôɡmə|
a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true

I have a long standing distrust of organized religion. I grew up going to Catholic school. The Catholic’s had all the answers, and they were entirely sure that they were the only ones who had the answers. In my daily religion classes, I learned that Protestants were not true Christians, that Jews had missed the message, and we didn’t talk about Islam. I learned that there was “one catholic and apostolic” church. I learned that all other religions were “less than” Catholicism. And while I wasn’t in a practicing Catholic family, I eventually received the Sacraments and was confirmed when I was in 10th grade, even though I am confident now that I really didn’t believe.

Now, in 1986, a new house was built on the vacant lot next door and Norman moved in. Norman was a born again, fundamentalist preacher who had two kids and a wife. He drove a Mercedes (which was really odd for anyone in Taneytown, MD at the time). His wife was an attractive lady and I always had the sense they should be on PTL. Continue reading

Now the Real Work Begins

Note:  This is a rant.  If you don’t want to read a rant, you might want to move on.

The recovery community, especially the 12 Step community, has many little sayings. Some are helpful, sort of, some are downright insulting.

One Day at a Time
Just for Today
Let go and let god
Live and let live
More will be revealed
Stay in the middle of the herd
You’re only as sick as your secrets

And my personal favorite:

Now the real work starts Continue reading