This book, The Book of Joy, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams — It’s just what we all need right now. It’s been so hard to find joy over the past 9 months and this book exudes joy.

I purchased this book for my trip to the Catskills, but decided to start reading it last night. I’m only on page 43 — but it has already brightened my mood considerably each time I’ve picked it up. And if you read my post from yesterday, you know I really needed a pick me up.

As someone who bristled at the talk of spirituality in the rooms, someone who confused spirituality with the organized religion of his childhood and adamantly fought against it in my early recovery, I feel that I’m finally starting to understand the distinction even if I can’t fully explain it. What I do know is that spiritual practices enrich life rather than degrade it.

This book is about a week long visit between two of the most compassionate and loving men to walk the earth in our time. It tells the story of their week together from a very intimate perspective. The deep empathy and understanding the two show each other brings about a joyful feeling in my heart.

Compassion. Empathy. Joy. These are some of my spiritual practices and they are independent of any religious dogma.

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