Gratitude 11/28/2020

I am grateful for Thanksgiving leftovers which continue to feed me and reduce the time I am spending in the kitchen this weekend.

I am grateful for my son’s gravity blanket. After a rather poor nights sleep it made fir the best nap on the couch this morning and I now feel like I got a great nights sleep.

I am grateful for my afternoon run yesterday. I didn’t start running until I was 45 and I’ve found that it keeps me healthy in mind and body like nothing else.

4 responses to “Gratitude 11/28/2020”

  1. I was curious about those blankets if they worked or not…seems like they do. Glad to hear you found a physical activity that jazzes your mind and body. Mine is mountain biking. Hit it pretty good this summer and for me it beat any therapy I ever had. That glow afterwards is just incredible😊

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    • I am also an avid cyclist, both road and trail. I hadn’t hit a trail in nearly 15 years before last spring and I had to ask myself why. No doubt it was partially due to drinking as well as getting married and having a son, but mostly drinking. I feel like Luke Skywalker on one of those speeder bikes on Endor when crushing a flowy section of trail!

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