Gratitude 12/7/2020

I am grateful for bicycles. I have loved my bikes as long as I can remember — the baby blue banana seat Raleigh, the red Huffy BMX, the red Huffy Ten Speed, the white Haro Freestyler tricked out with pink mag wheels and white tires, the green Bridgestone MB6 hard tail mountain bike, the orange Specialized MTB with a suspension fork, my blue Cannondale road bike, and my finally my Turquoise Yeti full suspension MTB. I have loved them all.

I am grateful for bike helmets. I’ve had my share of wrecks and broken a few helmets and I’m sure I’d either be dead or severely damaged if it weren’t for my helmet.

I am grateful for the feeling of being alive as I fly down the street or trail balancing on two wheels, the feeling of the seat between my legs, the pressure on the pedals, and the wind in my face. Nothing brings me closer to my inner child than riding a bike.

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