Neural Pathways, An Old Photo, & a Warm Day Ahead

I’ve been reading the news this morning and even after only a short 39 minutes I am feeling overwhelmed. I’m grateful for this daily gratitude practice which has really made a difference in my outlook in this difficult time by rewiring the neural pathways in my brain.

My iPad’s Photo’s widget showed me a photo of my dear sweet son from five years ago when he was almost eight. It was shortly after I started my recovery journey but I can see in his smile that we were having a great day at the park. I’m grateful for the reminder that I my decisions impact others.

Living near the Chesapeake bay can provide for some interesting weather phenomena. Today we are enshrouded in fog because the air temperature is warmer than the water. While it concerns me greatly that it will be nearly 60 degrees nine days before the winter solstice because I know that climate change is the cause, I am grateful to have a warm day ahead of us and plan to get outside.

4 responses to “Neural Pathways, An Old Photo, & a Warm Day Ahead”

  1. I don’t think it’s climate change. It’s just the variations in the weather.
    We had been having a nice December, but it has shifted back to cold, arctic blowing snow.

    I should have hung my Christmas lights last week. My daughter and I started and it was harder than we thought as neither of us liked the ladder. At one point all the lights we had hung fell off! Lol

    We decided it was not the day for it. Now I’m not sure what we will do! Lol

    Enjoy the mildness while you have it!


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