In the past 24 hours, the news that several federal agencies had been compromised through a suspected supply chain breach of a network management vendor. I haven’t been as grateful as I am today to no longer be in operations in quite some time. At the same time I have a great deal of empathy and compassion for all those in operational roles and employees the firm and agencies that got breached because I know how hard they have been and will be working for the foreseeable future and just how stressful it is to respond to a breach.

I started to feel the early signs of a head cold yesterday when I woke up. The congestion and other symptoms got worse as the day progressed, and I have a full-on head cold today. In the past, this would have turned into a chest infection and possibly full blown bronchitis. However, my general health has vastly improved over the past five years and I no longer get as sick as I once did. I am grateful for my physical health.

As this day winds down, and I begin to relax for the night, I am grateful for the cup of cinnamon tea with honey that I’m having which is soothing on my slightly sore throat.

2 thoughts on “My Role at Work, My Health, & Cinnamon Tea

    1. Thanks Anne. I’ve considered it. I’m feeling better today and haven’t had any of the covid symptoms like a fever or a cough. Feels like a normal head cold. But if it lingers or I get worse, I will seek medical attention for sure.

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