A Meeting, Values, & DIGEX

What a week it’s been. I am grateful that the work week is coming to an end and that my last meeting was with like-minded folks discussing topics of community, vulnerability, and gratitude.

My workplace has five values: Disruption, Execution, Collaboration, Integrity, and Inclusion. These are lofty values, but the miracle is that I see them being lived by people at every level in the company on a daily basis. I’m grateful for these values and the people who live by them in my workplace.

I was listening to the podcast Go for Broke last night and the episode was about Netscape Navigator. I was instantly transported back to a magical time in my career when the Internet was still young and I was working at an ISP and web-hosting company known as DIGEX. I am grateful for those early years where I learned so much about technology, suffered trials and tribulations, and grew so quickly as we all tried to merge onto the Information Super Highway.

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