Adaptability, Cream of Wheat, & Prince

I ran nearly six miles today in an hour and nine minutes and almost all in heart rate zone 2 (which for me is between 134 and 150 beats per minute). I set the second fastest time ever on one of my segments which is astonishing because my heart rate was relatively low and I wasn’t pushing myself. I was thinking of when I started running a few years ago and how tough it was to run for just 90 seconds. I’m grateful for the body’s adaptability and my improved cardiovascular health.

I enjoyed one of my favorite childhood meals for breakfast this morning — cream of wheat with brown sugar and butter. It was guilt free due to the long run. I’m, once again, grateful for comfort food and memories.

My son asked me to play Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson in the car today. Spotify followed it up with Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. I didn’t have an appreciation for Prince when the album Purple Rain was released and wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to it in High School. Today, I know that Prince was legendary and a genius. I am grateful for his music and my ability to appreciate it now that I’m no longer as stubborn as I was back then.

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  1. These are such a cool things to be grateful for! I never think about little things like this until someone else mentions them. My husband adores Prince, so I got him a Purple Rain poster for his 40th birthday and had all of our friends sign it. It’s hanging on the wall in front of me. Prince was definitely not something I was into when I was younger either, but I like his music a lot now. Grateful for my expanded musical tastes as well!

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