It was a hard day for me. The weight of the pandemic and the dysfunction of the holidays not being very holiday like hit me hard today. But when I shared my pain with my Twitter crew, things felt better. I am so grateful for the support I get from people around the world on that service. I know that some people find Twitter to be a cesspool, and if I look in the wrong corners I see it as well, but the group that I interact with in a daily basis is so life affirming and supportive.

And that support, well, it’s the kindness of strangers. Most of the people who I interact with, I’ll never meet in real life. And while that makes me a bit sad sometimes, it reminds me that we are all interconnected. We are hard-wired for connection and belonging — hard wired to feel empathy and love for one another. I’m grateful that these qualities are so intrinsic to our human existence and that I can be open to give and receive this love.

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