A Quiet Friday, A Suspended Twitter Account, & A Calling, Perhaps

It’s been a difficult week. I am grateful for a quiet Friday evening, at least as quiet as it can be with a 13 year old boy listening to Dr. Dre and playing video games.

After years of seemly giving him a pass, Twitter finally suspended the president’s account, permanently. I am grateful that his platform for hatred, misinformation, and lies has been diminished.

I have long felt a calling to explore the problem of misinformation online and have started to research this. I am grateful that I feel like there may be some ways to address this problem in a meaningful way, even though I don’t know what they are just yet.

One response to “A Quiet Friday, A Suspended Twitter Account, & A Calling, Perhaps”

  1. Part of me wonders if it is healthy or democratic to muzzle views we don’t support. The inciting of violence was pretty brazen, but I’m still a bit wary.

    I do believe that there are huge numbers of people purposely spreading misinformation. It has become very difficult and I question everything I read. There is no trustworthy source.

    I wish I knew the answer. I read a lot, and go down a lot of rabbit holes via Twitter. Sometimes I wonder why…in the end, I can only influence and manage my immediate circumstances.


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