Recognition, Validation, & New Cycling Kit

Last week I was invited to attend a Certified Ethical Hacking class that is being offered to some of the systems engineers here at my company. I am excited for this opportunity to build my skills and my resume. It is nice to be recognized and rewarded for my abilities by my leadership.

In advance of this class I had to take a placement exam which had some dire warnings about how it is a difficult exam and that low scores are common. I was very happy to receive a relatively high score. I struggle with imposter syndrome and that test really validated that I am not an imposter.

I’ve struggled with the cold in recent bike rides — yes I’m one of those nuts who rides outside throughout the winter — and I ordered a pair of electric heated socks and a new windproof jacket earlier this week. I am grateful for the speedy delivery of both items today and hopeful that they will keep my feet warm on my next ride.

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