We Must Not Fear the Angry Anthems

I do not live in fear for
my life, my son, my wife,
my mother, or brother.

I do not feel the violent
assault, the insult of bellicose
abuse because I am white.

I have not walked intolerable
miles in the shoes of our
black, gay, Latin, lesbian, Muslim,
and transgendered brothers and sisters.

But they have.

My heart knows I can
not bear to wake up
knowing I did not
get up, stand up, and fight
fearful oppression
knocking at the door.

I will not live in fear
of a future filled with
hatred, anger, and
intolerance, where
angry fearful men rest
their boots on the backs
of the broken.

Fear must not prevent
action, offering protection
or caring words as voices
vanish in the thunder —
loud, angry, and fearful.

We must not fear the angry
anthems, or even fearful fists,
of those who distrust diverse
opinion, people, and culture.

Fear cannot prevent us from
standing with the struggling,
standing for equality and freedom.

My ancestors wore those shoes
and for that, I am American;
I do not fear standing against
hate or evil walking among us.

Adams County Roads

Single car accidents happen —
testosterone, horsepower, and
speed limits ignored,
roads winding and rolling
over the land, more dangerous
than sex, cigarettes, or booze;
ingredients to disasters
at sixteen and a half —
on icy cold winter nights.

— D.E.D 2015
© @soberboots