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First Ride of 2016

There are times when I think that I didn’t lose anything during my drinking, but the fact is that I didn’t lose anything big. I didn’t lose my job, my house, or my family. But there are things that I did lose:

1. Fitness
2. Health
3. Interest in many things, including cycling

s t e a d y

12806050_10209755952441842_73562242598076417_nI got back on the bike today after being off it since October and it felt pretty good.  I was definitely not strong, but it still felt good to be back on two wheels and spinning the legs. I decided that I would take it relatively easy and rode about 30 minutes at about 13 mph.  I logged a little over 8 miles.

I’m certainly not in the shape that I was  a few years ago but that’s to be expected.  I simply haven’t put in the time on the bike and I made some choices in lifestyle that severely impacted my fitness.  With that behind me, I am looking forward to making slow but steady progress toward rebuilding my fitness.

An eight mile ride is a start.

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